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Enriching environmental software model interfaces through ontology-based tools

Common practice has proven that software implementations of environmental models are seldom reused by broader communities or in different modelling frameworks. One of the reasons for this situation is the poor semantics of model interfaces. Model interfaces describe a critical amount of the modellers’ knowledge, but their software implementations fail to represent the complexity of model assumptions in software terms. In this paper, we present an ontology-driven approach that aims to enrich software model interfaces with advanced semantics. A generic […]

Defining assessment projects and scenarios for policy support: use of ontology in Integrated Assessment and Modelling

Integrated Assessment and Modelling (IAM) provides an interdisciplinary approach to support ex-ante decision-making by combining quantitative models representing different systems and scales into a framework for integrated assessment. Scenarios in IAM are developed in the interaction between scientists and stakeholders to explore possible pathways of future development. As IAM typically combines models from different disciplines, there is a clear need for a consistent definition and implementation of scenarios across models, policy problems and scales. This paper presents such a unified […]

A multi-agent system for meteorological radar data management and decision support

The Meteorological Service of Cyprus operates a Doppler radar at the mountainous region of the island. Data-streams recorded by the radar are used for weather forecasting and, especially, for identifying oncoming precipitation incidents and issuing (potential) warnings. However, the continuous processing and evaluation of radar data requires significant efforts by the meteorologists, both for data processing, storage, and maintenance, as well as for data interpretation and visualization. To assist meteorologists and to automate a large part of these tasks, we […]