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A methodology for developing environmental information systems with software agents

This chapter presents a unifying methodology for developing environmental information systems with software agents. Based on the experience reported in recent literature, we abstract common requirements of environmental information systems into agent types, combine state-of-the-art tools from computer science, service-oriented software engineering and artificial intelligence domains, as software agents and machine learning, and illustrate their potential for solving real-world problems. Specifically, two generic agent types are specified that behave as information carriers and decision makers, which provide an appropriate abstraction […]

Towards a virtual enterprise architecture for the environmental sector

This chapter introduces a virtual enterprise architecture for environmental information management, integration and dissemination. On a daily basis, our knowledge related to ecological phenomena, the degradation of the natural environment and the sustainability of human activity impact, is growing as a consequence raises the need for effective environmental knowledge exchange and reuse. In this work, a solution among collaborating peers forming a virtual enterprise is investigated. Following an analysis of the main stakeholders, a service-oriented architecture is proposed. Technical implementation […]

The Fuzzy Lattice Reasoning Classifier for mining environmental data

This chapter introduces a rule-based perspective on the framework of fuzzy lattices, and the Fuzzy Lattice Reasoning (FLR) classifier. The notion of fuzzy lattice rules is introduced, and a training algorithm for inducing a fuzzy lattice rule engine from data is specified. The role of positive valuation functions for specifying fuzzy lattices is underlined and non-linear (sigmoid) positive valuation functions are proposed, that is an additional novelty of the chapter. The capacities for learning of the FLR classifier using both […]