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A privacy-preserving cloud computing system for creating participatory noise maps

Participatory sensing is a crowd-sourcing technique which relies both on active contribution of citizens and on their location and mobility patterns. As such, it is particularly vulnerable to privacy concerns, which may seriously hamper the large-scale adoption of participatory sensing applications. In this paper, we present a privacy-preserving system architecture for participatory sensing contexts which relies on cryptographic techniques and distributed computations in the cloud. Each individual is represented by a personal software agent, which is deployed on one of […]

TaToo: tagging environmental resources on the web by semantic annotations

The web is rapidly evolving and its traditional role of repository of static information is changing into a hub for collaboration among people. Web resources tend to become more and more complex, and to offer services that include access to remote databases, and computational power. All of this becomes very interesting not only for the common user, but especially for scientists and researchers which actually see their computers “disappear” into the web “cloud”, getting back an unprecedented access to services […]

Methods for semantic annotation of an integrated assessment tool for agricultural systems

Semantic annotation based on ontologies has been proposed as a method to achieve integration in multi-disciplinary and multi-scale integrated assessment tools. In the development of an integrated assessment tool, SEAMLESS-IF, agricultural models, data sources, scenarios and indicators had to be integrated in one conceptual schema, providing the shared definition of concepts and their relationships. This paper describes the different methods used in the semantic annotation of the various elements (i.e. models, data sources, scenarios and indicators) in the SEAMLESS-IF. By […]