Semantic mediation for environmental model components integration feature image Photo Credit: Ioannis N. Athanasiadis
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Ioannis Athanasiadis

Assistant Professor with the Democritus University of Thrace, in Xanthi, Greece

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Abstract: Within Seamless project, a set of constituent agricultural simulation and optimization models is required to be integrated for facilitating assessment studies. Each one of the models has been developed by a different research group, according to dissimilar modeling approaches, implementation designs, and programming tools. As a mediator among these heterogeneous constituent peers, we introduce the Seamless Knowledge Manager component for incubating the data exchanged by the models. The Seamless Knowledge Manager has been developed following a novel approach that exploits ontologies and semantic modeling. Specifically, a declarative approach has been utilized for specifying the data exchanged by the models and has been used as the basis for software development and integration. This paper presents in detail the methodology used for developing the Knowledge Manager and two alternative implementations. The architecture is demonstrated for integrating modules generating agricultural management alternatives.

Published as:
I. N. Athanasiadis, S. Janssen, Semantic mediation for environmental model components integration, Information Technologies in Environmental Engineering, 1:3-11, 2008.