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Ioannis Athanasiadis

Professor of Artificial Intelligence
Wageningen University & Research

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Information resilience

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Wageningen University Resilience Brigade Grant, 2013-2016
PI: I.N. Athanasiadis.

This brigade investigated how information systems may enable resilience of agrifood supply chains, and the importance of resilient information systems in the agrifood domain. Information resilience is an essential quality of agrifood information systems, that enables information sharing, increase productivity and efficiency across supply chains. Resilience is an intrinsic characteristic of novel IT solutions, as blockchain, and big data systems, where there is no need for a central data storage system, data is replicated, and is immutable. Distributed data architectures enable new ways of sharing information, costs and risks, facilitating resilience across the whole chain, as its peers have collective ownership and shared the responsibility of information. Such technologies provide with new opportunities for more resilient food chains, but also involve new risks, especially for the smallholders.

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