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Ioannis Athanasiadis

Professor of Artificial Intelligence
Wageningen University & Research

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My team

Current team members

PhD students

  • Aike Potze ( 2023-). Area:Hybrid artificial intelligence for modelling GxE interactions.
  • Hilmy Baja (2022-). Area: Artificial Intelligence for reducing fertilizer and pesticide use.
  • Ron van Bree (2022-). Area: Hybrid AI for food security.
  • Jingye Han Area: Physics-guided machine learning for crop growth simulation and yield estimation (Guest PhD)
  • Remy Adriaensen (2022-). Area: Next generation models for predicting canola hybrid seed yield performance in untested environments.
  • Ilias Tsoumas (2022-). Area: Artificial intelligence towards sustainable agriculture using space-borne remote sensing data & other heterogeneous data sources.
  • Rassoul Sy (2022-). Area: The transformation of agricultural production: impacts on rural livelihoods across sub-Saharan Africa
  • Rob Knapen (2021-). Area: Geospatial data engineering for digital agriculture.
  • Dilli Paudel (2019-). Area: Machine learning for regional crop yield forecasting.
  • Christos Pylianidis (2019-). Area: Digital twins for precision agriculture.
  • Matt Scowen (Bangor Univ, 2019-). Area: Machine learning for ecosystem services.
  • Christos Giovanopoulos (VU Amsterdam, 2018-). Area: A synergy between anthropology and data science for infrastructural contenstation research.

Post-doctoral researchers:

: Primary supervisor

Former team members

Graduated PhD students

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