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Ioannis Athanasiadis

Professor of Artificial Intelligence
Wageningen University & Research

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EU-CIP-ICT-PSP Innovation and Competitiveness Grant, 2010-2013
PI: M.A. Sicilia.

The VOA3R project deployed an advanced, community-focused integrated service for the retrieval of scholar results by reusing existing metadata through an open platform. The platform enabled researchers to formulate information needs in terms of elements of the scientific methods established in their field (variables, techniques, assessment methods, kinds of objects of interest, etc.) combined with topical descriptions as expressed in metadata. The community approach also enabled the enhancement of information seeking with extended evaluation elements (i.e. ratings, public reviews, social tags and links to supporting or conflicting reports) that complement and go beyond the traditional, anonymous peer review process which results are not made available openly.

I was involved in the development of the project vision, the methodology for content population and integration, and the deployment of a common metadata profile for the project. Also, I was co-leading the GRnet team, and co-organized two workshops following an open review process via blogging.