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Ioannis Athanasiadis

Professor of Artificial Intelligence
Wageningen University & Research

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EU-H2020-Twinning Grant, 2018-2022
PI: I. Athanasiadis.

DRAGON aims to overcome one of the main challenges in precision agriculture, the low rate of adoption of precision agriculture technologies and practices, especially concerning big data in agriculture. This is achieved by training and nurturing of young researchers to develop their career in data-driven precision agriculture and promotion of opportunities for further career development within the partner institutions BioSense (Serbia), Wageningen University (Netherlands) and Agri-EPI Centre (UK), and ultimately enable a data-driven precision agriculture eco-system.

Skill development in Dragon involves domain-specific capacity development for multisource data analytics spanning across scales, involving satellite, IoT, phenomics, genomics and meta-genomics data. It also focuses on soft-skill development, by developing capacity to communicate high-tech knowledge and related legislative matters in the precision agriculture sector to various stakeholders and non-scientific local community in order to achieve better dissemination/diffusion and subsequent adoption of innovative data-driven solutions.

Wageningen University and Research leads Dragon activities on enhancing scientific and technological expertise in data analytics using multiscale-multisource agricultural data.

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