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Ioannis Athanasiadis

Professor of Artificial Intelligence
Wageningen University & Research

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Training intelligent agents in the semantic web era: The golf advisor agent

I. N. Athanasiadis


Agent training techniques study methods to embed empirical, inductive knowledge representations into intelligent agents, in dynamic, recursive or semi-automated ways, expressed in forms that can be used for agent reasoning. This paper investigates how data-driven rule-sets can be transcribed into ontologies, and how semantic web technologies as OWL can be used for representing inductive systems for agent decision-making. The method presented avoids the transliteration of data-driven knowledge into conventional if-then-else systems, rather demonstrates how inferencing through description logics and Semantic Web inference engines can be incorporated into the training process of agents that manipulate categorical and/or numerical data.

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cover image Published as:
I. N. Athanasiadis, Training intelligent agents in the semantic web era: The golf advisor agent, IEEE Intl Conf on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology - Workshops (WI-IAT 2007), 2007, IEEE Press, doi:10.1109/WI-IATW.2007.51.

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